Custom Printed Notebook

Pundy DIY Binder Notebook

Hardcover Notebook

Hardcover Notebook

We have 22 years of experience in customizing diaries, notebooks, and organizers.

DIY Binder Notebook

DIY Binder Notebook

Brand New Special Patent Binder Diary, Custom Made Services available.


30 Years Custom Printed Notebook Supplies | PUNDY

Based in Taiwan, PUNDY, since 1990, is a Custom Printed Notebook supplier.

PUNDY has a great selection of stationery products, bulk & custom-design, including leather items (card, passport and ID holders), recycled notebooks, washi tapes, decorative tapes, spiral notebooks, diaries, office stationery and more to fulfill the market demands.

Light-weighted, easy-to-use Gold Printing Award winning binder notebook and fashionable washi tape are tailored to meet your requirements.

We accept orders for customized products including diaries, notebooks, file folders, pens, gift boxes and any other leather products.

Custom Printed Notebook

Hard Cover

Pundy DIY Binder Notebook
Pundy DIY Binder Notebook


    Binder Specification
  • G8K(A4) - 30 Rings
  • 16K(B5) - 26 Rings
  • 25K(A5) - 20 Rings
  • 32K(B6) - 18 Rings
    PUNDY DIY binder for Wire binding notebook
  • 16K(B5) - 29 Rings
  • 25K(A5) - 24 Rings
  • 32K(B6) - 21 Rings
    6 Rings
  • 25K(A5) - 6 Rings


    Sliding Piece Material:
  • Plastic
  • Recycle leather Piece


  • The business diary/notebook designed by PUNDY is especially made for office users who love simple and fashionable designs.
  • Choose your favorite style of business diary/notebook, and send your company’s logo (.ai or .pdf format) to us. Then we can customize your very own diary/notebook just for you. If you have any other special needs, please feel free to contact us!
  • Each MOQ is 500-1000 copies. If you have any requests, please e-mail or call +886-2-2225-6199 to contact us. Thank you!


  • Page format
    16K (B5): Format C
    25K (A5): Format C
    32K (B6): Format C
    For customized services within the page, please contact us.
  • LOGO: Embossing/Debossing, Gold/Silver stamping, Silk Printing.
    If you want to stamp other color, please let us know.
    VIP names stamping service is also available.
  • Delivery: 30-45 days after order's confirmed

PUNDY, the winner of the Gold Printing Award, is the best and most professional enterprise in Taiwan specialist in designing and producer of business diary, notebook and loose-leaf notebook. We provide excellent one-stop service for the production of various customized diaries, notebooks, and organizers for all kinds of purposes.We have 22 years of experience in customizing diaries, notebooks, and organizers. For further information, please contact us and we will get back to you immediately.

Please recognize PUNDY's Logo. Be careful of fakes!!! All rights reserved.

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